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24th January 2013

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Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.
— John Greenleaf Whitti (via matthew—-james)

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31st December 2012

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I never hate my bullies from high school. I actually kind of appreciate them. If it wasn’t for that boot camp training of how the world treats gay people and especially drag queens, I don’t know if I would have survived as well as I have.

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26th November 2012

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LGBT Laughs: (I am waiting on my mom to get out of her doctor’s appointment. I... →


(I am waiting on my mom to get out of her doctor’s appointment. I overhear a conversation between a 17-year-old patient and the doctor.)


Doctor: “Well, ma’am, you said you haven’t been having your period, and you have been having sex with your…

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21st September 2012

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ftmark: “I am human, so nothing human can be alien to me.”- Dr. Maya Angelou... →


“I am human, so nothing human can be alien to me.”

- Dr. Maya Angelou

What Dr. Angelou was trying to say in with this statement, as I understand it, was that we should not show distaste or disgust for another human’s body, and if we do so we are only demeaning ourselves. She also calls for…

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20th January 2012

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23rd October 2011

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5th October 2011

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6th September 2011

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I’m not homophobic. Well.. I guess I’m homophobic in the same sense I’m arachnophobic: I don’t have anything against spiders, or gays, but I’d freak out if I found one in my bath.
— Jack Whitehall (via lgbtlaughs)

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